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Customized therapeutic exercise and flexibility programs involve prescribing specific movement(s) that are designed to correct impairments, restore muscular and skeletal function and/or maintain a state of wellness.


The scientific evidence demonstrating the beneficial effects of exercise is indisputable, and the benefits of exercise far outweigh the risks in most adults and when implemented with consistency and accountability can greatly change your quality of life!

You can now add cupping and or soft tissue release (through yoga tune up ball therapy) to your session for fascial release and cellular health.


Therapeutic Strengthening

Use specific body weight strengthening techniques to address areas of weakness and improve postural imbalances

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Soft Tissue Release

Through cupping and specific yoga tune up ball massage you can enhance your body's healing ability and promote optimal functioning

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Customized Stretching

Improve soft tissue length and mobility for optimal functioning. Reduce muscular and fascial restrictions through targeted stretching


All Appointments are with JLynn Rossy, RMT, RYT

Somatic Healing Includes:

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Registered Massage Therapy Coming Fall 2022








4 sessions @ 30 minutes each

Applicable taxes included

Applicable taxes included