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A Woman's 12-Week Body, Mind & Spiritual Healing Program for Chronic Neck Pain.

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The embodied  6-step holistic healing program is designed to help business, corporate and or entrepreneurial women with their chronic neck pain and give them a sense of empowerment over their body so they control their pain and not the other way around!

  • You are a beautiful, powerful and amazing woman but you are finding it incredibly hard to step into your power and live your life with a sense of vitality because you are overwhelmed and exhausted 

  • You suffer from chronic stress & neck pain and don't have the time to research what therapeutic movements and healing will be the perfect fit for you to use on a regular basis

  • You need guidance, support and accountability to heal your body, mind & spirit

  • You don't know where to start and you feel like you will never feel vibrant again

  • You want to take control of your life and step into your personal power

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Before we look at how you can manage and heal your pain....let's see what the 5 most common reasons for chronic neck pain are and what not taking action can result in down the road!

As a female business/corporate worker or entrepreneur your top reasons for chronic neck pain are....

1. Improper support for the neck during sleep
2. Stress
3. Regularly looking down at your phone or computer
4. Shallow breathing habits
5. Mindset


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Your Chronic Neck Pain If You Don't Take A Proactive Approach On Your Own Time Can Cause & Or Contribute To...

1. Permanent changes in the bones and muscles of your neck

2. Quicker degeneration of your spine

3. Nerve impingement

4. Frozen shoulder

5. Decreased neck movement

6. Decreased quality of life

7. Decreased or inability to perform your job or exercise

8. Poor sleep

9. Shoulder tendinits

Hi, I am JLynn Rossy and I am the facilitator of the Embodied Healing Program for women who suffer with chronic neck pain.

I have spent the last 18 years treating chronic neck pain and the symptoms/conditions associated with it. The one thing I did not have as much time for as Registered Massage Therapist & Health Professional in that time was the "in between care". Although I did prescribe it, I was simply unable to follow up with all of my clients until their next visit, so let's just say I know this area is lacking for so many. This is exactly why I have created this holistic healing program; to create the support and accountability for self empowerment and extend on what I have been doing for almost two decades now.

Being a business, corporate and or entrepreneurial woman means being on computers, phones and dealing with stress, among other things. I thrive on providing the right educational tools, therapeutic strategies and healing support that is required for women to empower their bodies on a regular basis.

Chronic sitting, chronic stress and a negative mindset drastically affects your ability to live your life with vitality and feel that you are in control of your pain. I am excited to guide and support you through my 6-step healing process that has been designed specifically for chronic neck pain. 


Start Date is January 31, 2022


What's inside this 12- week program...

3 Monthly Payments of $897

How to set yourself up for success on your device to reduce pressure in the neck and upper back

The healing breathing method to reduce neck tension, calm your nervous system and maximize energy flow

Relaxation strategies to connect you with the healing aspect of your nervous system

Mindful and healing movements (including yoga) designed to stretch and strengthen the associated areas of the body that contribute to your neck pain

The tools and resources designed to cultivate positivity, gratitude and shift your mindset around your pain

Guided breathwork and meditation to relax, rejuvenate and calm your body, mind & spiritual connection

The emotional vibrations attached to chronic neck pain and how to work with healing the energy body for spiritual connection


A Little Client Love


Jennifer is a very knowledgeable and skilled massage therapist, yoga instructor and full body healing  professional. She looks at any issue holistically and ensures that she addresses physical symptoms with a very thorough review and integrated approach. She has helped me numerous times with symptoms that other medical professionals could not explain and provided medication to address. I feel Jennifer really listens and cares about your health and does her best to provide a unique personalized approach to wellness for each of her clients.

- S. Farrington


I know Jennifer on a personal level, but as my interest in yoga and the spiritual world has grown, she has been a great mentor for me. Jennifer is a natural teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable, motivated and passionate about health. I have tried yoga many times and I have never found a class I enjoy more. Jennifer's classes are intimate, dynamic and address each individuals needs regardless of the level of experience. She teaches in a way that is easy to follow. I am eager to continue learning from Jennifer in the future.

-S. Latchford


I trust Jennifer whole-heartedly. Her professionalism, knowledge and experience helped to support my decision to add yoga to my regime. Over the years that she has been providing me, at times bi-weekly massage, she has also offered personal training advice. Her knowledge of the human body and my various areas of need have made her the perfect yoga instructor for my mind and body. I would highly recommend Jennifer and am so fortunate to have found such an amazing professional!

-J. Sinclair

FAQ About the Program!

What are the types of content I can expect in this program?

This is an online program with healing educational presentations, healing yoga, guided meditations and healing experiences, embodied journaling prompts for self reflection and weekly accountability. The weekly LIVE interactive group coaching calls are included in the online program.

Do I have to pay all at once or is there a payment option?

You can choose to pay in full at $1199 CAD or you can make 3 monthly payments of $419 CAD (this is the 50% off specialty pricing for January 2022 start date ONLY)

Aside from the coaching calls do I receive additional support?

Yes, every week I will connect with you individually by text or messenger to see how you are doing with the content. You are strongly encouraged to participate in my Tuesdays lunchtime healing yoga sessions. The zoom links are provided on Tuesday mornings inside my private facebook group!

What if I can't make one of the LIVE coaching calls?

Well we will miss you, but if you can't make it not to worry the calls will be recorded and added to the program so you can watch once you are available.

What are your professional credentials?

I was professionally trained in a 3 year, 2200 hr health sciences (massage therapy) program in Ottawa ON and became an officially registered health professional in this field in January 2004. I am a registered hatha yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and have been since spring 2015. I have taken 1 energy healing course in pranic healing and my first 2 levels of Reiki healing and have been practicing in this regard since January 2020. (other professional credentials I have received include; level 1 aromatherapy, personal trainer, reflexologist, pelvic health yoga, nutrition and wellness specialist).

What if I don't get results?

I'd be surprised if you didn't feel any results in your 12 weeks of working through the content and sessions but you do have access to the online portion of the program for 1 full year so you can revisit the material anytime you wish.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds for this program due to the value inside, the LIVE coaching calls and the years of education, practice and learning that I had to do to create it. That said you do have access for 1 year to the online content during and after the 12-weeks is finished.

How does the program work?

The program requires you to fill out an application first with an interview to follow, once you have been approved into a group I will not add others to that sacred space once it's been set in order to optimize the experience. LIVE group coaching calls are held on Wednesday evenings.


The 6-step Embodied Healing roadmap delivers and or expands 0n new content each week to build a progressive approach to healing chronic neck pain and empowering your experience.

If you would like to apply for this 12-week Embodied Healing program for January 31, 2022, simply submit the application by clicking the link below.

Remember 2 things; you are more powerful than you think and your pain is your teacher.


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