As a Holistic Health Coach
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Women in Business 
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Embodied Healing Coaching Program

A women's 12 week healing journey for chronic neck pain.

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Program starts January 31, 2022

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Meet JLynn!

Health Professional + Coach/Honours in Massage Therapy + Yoga Teacher + Reiki Healer


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5 Things You Can do to Stress Less & Live More!

And yes you can do these even in a pandemic. Wherever you currently are in your life, it is important to know that your mind has no limits unless you tell it that it does so I encourage you to use this to your advantage...

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The Skinny on Stress...

Stress is a process in the body that happens in response to a stressor and has been designed that way for you to deal with a threat, change or extreme circumstance. You can experience stress as an isolated event or.....

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Are You Investing in These 3 Self Limiting Beliefs?

Today we are going to look at the power of your mindset! Your mindset is essentially how you believe things to be true. The power of belief has been around for a very long time because it is known that our minds create our reality!

As a Registered Health Professional since January 2004 and Registered Yoga Teacher since May 2015, Jennifer Lynn Rossy has gained thousands of hours of therapeutic experience treating musculoskeletal conditions of the human body.

JLynn thrives to empower her clients through mindfulness, education and experience to enhance their healing, wellness and personal development. In 2020 JLynn severely fractured her wrist and a year later made the difficult decision to retire from active practice. 

She decided to combine her thousands of clinical hours, hundreds of yoga teaching hours, years of education (which additionally included personal training, wellness, energy healing, aromatherapy, yoga and meditation) into her Embodied Healing womens coaching program. The program is designed to optimize healing and change your relationship with chronic neck pain through a body, mind & spiritual approach.

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Free Masterclass Series


Using a body, mind & spiritual awareness approach to change your relationship with chronic neck pain.

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Do you want to change your relationship with chronic neck pain?

I have been treating clients with chronic neck pain for the last 18 years. With more and more women just like you working in business, corporate and entrepreneurial capacities it is now more critical than ever to uplevel your self care.

Now is the time to embody your healing so you can live your best life...and I would be honoured to support you on your journey!